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Assalamualaikum to all my dear Muslims friends and Hello to all my non-Muslims friends.
My name is Chuck and i live somewhere in Kedah (Malaysia).
Actually, i don't know why i make this blog (maybe i just bored or tryin' something else, perhaps) and i not kindda person that love typing or some stuff like that.

About me:

  • 23 years old.
  • Gender? Of course MALE lah !
  • Origin: Alor Star, Kedah.
  • Just a simple persons, lots of problems to handle in my life. My life kindda complicated compare to others. Sometime i become "High and Mighty". Haha ! Don't like to compete with others in any aspects. "Superior than others, that's i gonna be"
  • Hobby: Sitting in front of TV and playing some s**t games and of course i'm a gamer (both consoles and pc), street race (LOL !), surfing the net and many more. P/S: sorry i don't list down all of my hobby because i'm extremely sleepy at the time i write this entry.
  • Interest: Car (Honda of course, VTEC kick ya ASS dude :D), games, technology, gadgets.
  • Fav food: Some will say this kinnda lame but, my fav is Nasi Goreng. Wanna know why? Because it's easy to cook. P/S: In Bahasa Melayu; Untung bakal bini aku sebab tak kalot nak masak makanan² lain. Nasi goreng pun takpe :D
  • Fav Drinks: Teh 'O Ais, Nescafe 'O Ais, Sirap Bandung.
Like i mention above, i not kindda person that love to write and now, i don't know what write down in this entry.
I think, my 2nd entry will be publish in another couple of month. LOL !
So, thanks for reading this piece of crap entry.
Just wait for my another entry for more info about my life and my activities.
For who that love car, games and technology, we are in the same "boat".

Till then, bubbye folks.
Signing off. Mr Chuck KV.

My precious White Dolphin.

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  1. berla izzaty Says:

    kwen ngn i jrg mkn nsi goreng la.hahaa

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